KV-S3105 Specifications
Scanning Face Duplex scanning
Scanning Method 3-line CCD image sensor, Selectable B/W background reference
Scanning Speed

    Binary 200 dpi
    Colour 200 dpi*
Letter size, Landscape

Simplex         Duplex
102 ppm         190 ipm
102 ppm         170 ipm

* Requires optional colour kit
Scanning Resolution B/W scanning: 100 to 600 dpi (1 dpi step, Optical 400 dpi)
Detection Ultrasonic double-feed detection
Image Compression:
    Binary 200 dpi

Requires the optional colour upgrade kit
Image Output Binary: Simple binary / Halftone mode
Grayscale (8-bit): Colour (24 bit) / sRGB / ICM (TWAIN) / Multistream® output
Binary Mode Halftone Dither, Error diffusion
Image Control Executed by driver software or Panasonic RTIV Image Emphasis (5 steps, Gamma correction, Dynamic Threshold, Automatic Separation, Noise Reduction, Shadow Removal, Automatic De-skewing, Automatic Cropping, Mirror Image, Monochrome Reversing, Automatic Binary/Colour distinction, Automatic Multi Colour dropout
Other functions Length control, Document size detection, Double feed detection, Barcode detection (ISIS), Patch code detection, Separation sheet, Control sheet
Paper Size - ADF 48 x 70 to 298 x 432 mm
Paper Thickness:
    Single paper feed
    Continuous feed

1.6 to 7.9 mils (0.04 to 0.2 mm)
2.4 to 7.9 mils (0.06 to 0.2 mm)
(1 mil = 1/1000 inch)
Paper Weight:
    Single paper feed
    Continuous feed

*8 to 42 lbs. (30 to 157 g/m2)
*13 to 42 lbs. (50 to 157 g/m2)
Automatic Document Feeder Up to 1,000 sheets (17 lb, 64 g/m2)
Long Paper Mode Up to 275.1 feet (ledger size, 200 dpi - requires additional memory)
Image memory:

256 MB
512 MB
Interface High-speed USB 2.0 / Ultra Wide SCSI (SCSI III) - 40 MB/sec
External Dimensions
(W x D x H)
627 x 546 x 415 mm
Weight 52 kg
Power Requirement 100 - 120 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption:
    Sleep mode

3A (AC 100-120V)
0.7A (AC 100-120V)
0.1A (AC 100-120V)
Operating Environment 15C to 30C (59F to 86F)
Storage Environment 0C to 35C (32F to 95F)
Accessories CD ROM: Operation instructions, Installation manual, Maintenance manual, RTIV manual, PIE manual, RTIV software, ISIS® / TWAIN driver software, Multi Colour Dropout Utility, Power cord, USB cable, Shading paper, cleaning paper and Blower
Options KV-SS028 - Post Imprinter
KV-SS021 - Ink Cartridge
KV-SS026 - Roller Exchange Kit
KV-SS027 - Roller Exchange Kit (thin paper)
KV-SS03 - Roller cleaning paper
KV-SS029 - Colour Upgrade Kit

* "Weight in pounds" of paper represents the weight of 500 (432 x 559 mm) sheets.

Note: The scanning speed differs depending on the host computer operating environment or application.