Beauty is imagination

Nano-sized Steam

Ionic steam for richer, more deeply hydrated skin

Ultra-fine nano-sized ionic steam penetrates into the epidermis for a youthful, more hydrated complexion.

Designed as a quick, 6 minute spa experience, the Facial Ionic Steamer can easily be integrated into your daily beauty regimen. One push of a button releases moisturizing nano-sized ionic steam and enables even beginners to enjoy spa treatment at home.

Compact, Stylish Design

The stylish design and the compact size match any interior.

Moisturize skin

Nano-sized ionic steam particles penetrate deeply to quickly moisturize, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and renewed.

Deep Cleansing

Hot steam helps lift make-up, dirt and excess oils from the skin to promote deep cleansing.

Steam particles vs. nano-sized ionic steam particles

Normal steam particles


Normal steam particles are too large to penetrate skin to a great degree, which means moisture dries up before reaching the lower layers

Nano-sized Ionic Steam Particles


4000x smaller than normal steam, nano-sized ionic steam particles permeate the skinís surface easily, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and renewed.



A new solution for hair beauty

What is NanoeTM?

Nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particles produced by Panasonic developed technology

1000x the moisture

NanoeTM contain approximately 1000 times the moisture of a regular negative ion

NanoeTM penetrate deep into hair

Maintains optimum moisture balance for strong, beautiful hair

Diffuser Attachment

Lets you dry your hair for a soft finish without losing your curls.

Quick-Dry Nozzle

High/Low wind pressure spreads hair evenly, improving drying speed to prevent damage.

2-Speed/3-Temperature Selection

You can select the speed and temperature to match your styling needs.

NanoeTM provide moisture for smooth, shiny hair

NanoeTM penetrate deep into hair to maintain optimum moisture balance, which keeps the cuticle on the surface in good condition to make hair shiny and easy to manage.

ES-WD94P / ES-ED90


Total body solution epilator with pumice stone attachment

Provides effective, fast hair removal from head to toe. A great alternative to waxing that allows you to enjoy beautifully smooth legs and feet for weeks at a time.

LED Light

Epilate more efficiently with the LED light to highlight unwanted hair

Epilation Head

Rapid and gentle hair removal with 48 rotating tweezers. Flexible, pivoting head to capture even short hairs.

Fully Wet/Dry

Allows for gentle foam epilation in bath or shower.

Precision Head

For underarm and bikini line.

Shaver Head

With pop-up trimmer and bikini comb.

Foot Care

Get rid of calluses to make feet feel beautifully smooth with Panasonicís unique Pumice Stone Attachment.



Heated eyelash curler with rotating comb creates long-lasting curls for a variety of lash styles.

Reversible 360-degree Rotating Comb

Reversible, rotating comb creates beautifully curled lashes for either a natural or dramatic evening look. Gentle heat helps set the curl for all day wear.

Variety of lash styles Ė create your ideal eye line

  • Natural eyes

  • Dramatic eyes

  • Volume eyes

  • Cute eyes

  • Impact eyes

The jewel switch and cosmetic inspired design are the perfect addition to any cosmetic bag.



Salon-quality nail care achieved easily at home

Enjoy the convenience of professional quality nail care that suits your schedule. An easier, cost effective solution for removal of gel nails at home.

3 Professional Attachments

Prepare natural nails for gel application, or remove existing gel nails.

  • Cuticle Care

  • Gel Removal

  • Filing



2-way shaver for the entire body

Dual-position Pivoting Blade

Adjustable shaving head can flip and lock into vertical position. Perfect for fine detailing on tough-to-reach spots.

Long Lasting Blade

Ultra-sharp blade lasts for up to 2 years. Rinses clean under running water.

Dry Shaving Technology

Works best when used dry. Since you donít need water, you can use it any time you want a quick touch-up, no matter where you are.

Discreet Facial


Perfect for shaping and trimming small areas.

Washable, Detachable Head

Detach and rinse the blade clean with soap and water.

Quick Grooming and Shaping

Portable design for easy removal of unwanted hair anytime.

Safe and Gentle

Skin guard prevents blade from touching sensitive skin.

Discreet, Cosmetic Design

The perfect addition to any cosmetic bag.

Dual-Edge Blade

Rotating inner blade cuts hair cleanly, without pulling or tugging.